Collection: Sarah Pou

Sarah Pou is a full time Artist & Illustrator with a passion for colour. She combines this with everyday street scenes and nature to create an eclectic collection of artwork. She works from her Kapiti based Studio/Gallery.

Illustrative Artwork - ‘Whilst living in England for ten years I fell in love with the beauty of architecture and everyday scenes. Being influenced by everything from tall, old, terraced houses to tiny high street shops crammed with goods. I find history combined with ever changing modern culture beautiful.’ 

‘Working as a freelance Illustrator for the past four years, my illustrative style very organically started merging into my Artworks. It allows me to be as bold, vibrant and as detailed as I choose. My aim is to take you on a journey, full of colour, sensitivity and charm. Linking the past with the present and finding beauty in the ordinary.’

Fine Art Drawing - ‘Fine detail drawing was my first love as a child. Usually animal/bird focused I give each of my subjects a unique personality, whether it be with colour or composition. I enjoy creating fine detail art that is simple, bold and engaging.’ 

Expressionist Art - ‘My passion for colour has no limits. Expressionist Art lets me create my absolute fantasy with no filter. I use a variety of mediums ranging from ink & paint to resin, beads & glitter. Working on themes to develop my individuality and style.’

My Artistic influences are: Surreal Architecture painter Michiel Schrijver. And Contemporary  Scottish Artist Francis Boag.