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Sarah Pou

The Public Trust Building - Wellington CBD

The Public Trust Building - Wellington CBD

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The Public Trust Building - Wellington - CBD

The Public Trust Building was constructed in 1909. This beautiful Edwardian Baroque building is located on the corner of Lambton Quay and Stout street in Wellingtons CBD. It is possibly the only surviving large building built from true New Zealand granite

The building was originally built as offices for the Government body Public Trust. When the Public Trust left the building in 1982 the building was deemed unsafe and became threatened with Demolition. The demolition of the building was opposed by several groups including Wellington’s Architecture Centre.  The building is now subject to a Heritage Order with the Historic Places Trust.

The Public Trust building is noted as one of only two remaining large scale structures, and the only surviving large building, to have been constructed in Tonga Bay granite.

Artist note - This amazing building has such a beautiful presence it's almost magical. In this painting I wanted to show the viewer how I feel when I see it in person. I am almost transfixed by its beauty.  The old style MOT cars add to the drama of the painting and the birds are reacting to the sirens as they approach. This artwork is set at dusk as this is when birds usually come home to roost. In my works I often mix the past and present as a reminder of a different time and to help portray my message. 

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