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Sarah Pou

Titahi Bay

Titahi Bay

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"Titahi Bay" - Limited Edition, Fine Art Print.

Titahi Bay Boatsheds are based in Porirua city, Wellington, NZ. sheds were established around the 1920’s and some later in the 1950’s. Some were first erected to use as bathing sheds as well as to house boats. Over the years they have been cared for and have become an iconic part of the area, loved by visitors and locals alike.

Artist note - “ I love the simplicity and character of the Titahi Bay Boatsheds. It is an unmistakingly New Zealand scene. I wanted to do a slightly different take and include the reflection in the water as though the sheds are peering at themselves in the water”    

The original artwork was created using quality watercolour, acrylic paint, ink and pencil on watercolour paper. The original image was not altered in any way to create this archival quality, limited edition  fine art print. 


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