Lester Hall

Ngati Pakeha Inks - reproductions of my work printed on the very best of today's papers and inks. In these works I have fused all of the history and social study I have indulged in the last twenty years and my new love of the modern ink and print process. I am incorporating the latest computer technology and my well-honed drawing and painting skills to manifest the stories of New Zealand on vibrant long life pigment inks on high quality cloth papers.

Quite unique to me are my works on tapa cloth. I use the cloth as my canvas and it becomes an integral part of the painting process. Often reforming older damaged pieces into my own compositions, adding broken shells or glass with the feature being a vibrant tuna or some other fish created in gold and silver leaf and oil. The tapa is hung from a specially made iron rod which leaves the work suspended from the wall. I feel the flowing movement created by this freedom adds a life foreign to most artworks.