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Lester Hall

Ballistic Bird

Ballistic Bird

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Signed Print by Lester Hall
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Boosh! like a bullet; that short powerful sound of a gannet hitting the water beside my boat always made me wonder at one of my favourite birds looking for a fishy treat.
From a distance I wonder and watch the busy dog fight of a squadron of them looking for position to launch their dive, using angle against sun to track flashes of silver, often well below the surface.
They hit the water like machine gun fire sometimes... then the yellow heads popping up with such buoyancy, fish or not as they all work, energized in the moment, the abundance and the sheer excitement of life.
Wonderful.. also the elegance of that beautiful long winged frame gliding purposefully through the air. These fantastic coastal buddies, sharing the beauty of our sea, what great companions they are... Boosh! another one cuts the surface behind my now speeding sailboat, I turn up into the wind and wait, it is gone, just bubbles. Twenty seconds later and up that yellow head pops again, bright eyes, fish in mouth.. I drop the bow and sail on.

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