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Hollie O'Neill

Zenith Radiance

Zenith Radiance

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Original Painting - Pigments and epoxy polymer on aluminum
1000mm diameter disc

"Zenith Radiance," this painting is an exploration of the emotional resonance elicited by the interplay of luminosity and color. It invites the viewer to revel in the profound moment when the rising sun heralds the day, casting its first gentle rays upon the world. At the heart of the composition lies a symbol of infinity and totality: a perfect circle glowing in cerulean blue, a tranquil center suggesting both completeness and the human yearning for a connection to the omnipresent and the divine. This central motif transitions with ethereal grace into a soft, enveloping pink that speaks to the soul's quiet joy at dawn's tender emergence. Surrounding it all is the warm embrace of an orange aura, evoking the serene yet potent glow that crowns the zenith of daybreak. "Zenith Radiance" is more than a painting; it is a tranquil meditation, a visual symphony of tranquility and calmness designed to inspire and uplift

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