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Peter Latham



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Limited Edition Photograph Print by Peter Latham

Location: Lake Waikaremoana, Ureweras
Limited Edition: 200 signed & certified prints (all sizes & media)
Year of Release: 2016

Unframed Fine Art Print 350mm x 1000mm

When I first found this beautiful river, I was short on time & impending weather didn't allow me to explore it properly. But with fine weather forecast the following week, I returned for another attempt. When I reached this spot, it was late afternoon & the fading light was unsuitable. So I took my chances 2 days later & arrived early morning, to find this river bed glowing in this first light - I couldn't believe it! I don’t recall seeing such dense & lush forest anywhere, the Ureweras holds the largest area of virgin "untouched" bush in the north island.

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