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Jay Lloyd

Tui - Hanging Bronze

Tui - Hanging Bronze

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Hanging Bronze Wall Art by Jay Lloyd

Cast Bronze Tui

Bronze is one of the oldest materials worked extensively by man, yet it has retained its mystery throughout the ages. It holds the same allure for me as it did for all those who have worked it for centuries.

I place a high value on craftsmanship and enjoy the entire process of bringing new ideas to life, from concept right through to final product. There is no thrill as exciting as opening up a mould and revealing the casting within. I qualified as an Industrial Designer in the late 80’s at the School of Art and Design of the Witwatersrand Technikon (Now the University of Johannesburg) in South Africa. I have been casting in various metals for at least 20 years starting with lead and tin alloys for the fishing product market and later pewter cutlery. I moved to casting aluminium and built up a manufacturing business making specialised decor and bathroom fittings. The business eventually employed eight permanent staff and I sold it before immigrating to New Zealand.

We moved from South Africa to Waiheke where I established my new studio and foundry in 2010. I now work mostly in bronze and do a variety of work from jewellery to sculpture. I regularly exhibit my work on Waiheke and various galleries throughout New Zealand. I take my inspiration from my immediate environment and like my work to have simple clean lines. I often combine bronze with other elements such as wood, stone or natural fibres. Everything I make is individually cast and finished by hand to capture the warmth and beauty of bronze for everyone to enjoy.

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