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Hayley Hamilton

The Love That Remains

The Love That Remains

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I wanted to create a painting that evokes the feeling of missing someone you love.  The flowers I have depicted are symbolic of those loving feelings - aptly named Forget me nots, pink carnations signify the concept that someone is unforgettable, lilies with big petals represent the feelings of missing someone strongly particularly the stargazer lilies which simply say ‘I Miss You’, sweetheart roses say ‘I love you’ and hydrangeas represent gratitude and grace. 

The elephant and its calf, who is holding a little letter, are etched with a subtle world map for those of us who have loved ones that are far away and of course an elephant never forgets. I chose the Oak tree as the central theme as it  is a strong symbol of strength, protection, courage and truth and finally the dove because they are a worldwide symbol of faith, hope and peace.

 49cm x 24.5cm limited edition of 45

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