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Joe McMenamin



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Signed Prints by Joe McMenamin

A3 unframed $105

Beak looks slightly more pink/yellow in person.

Joe was a high school Art teacher in Wellington, and over the last decade combined this with his art practice. At the beginning of 2017 he moved with his family to Feilding, for his wife, Sarah, to take up a position as a priest at the St John’s Anglican Church. Their three children are at Lytton St School, where Joe painted a mural last year with the students’ help. 

Joe has been a full-time artist since moving to Feilding, having built up a successful business of painting murals, original paintings and prints. Joe will work in the studio, producing paintings for the gallery space. But he plans on supporting up and coming artists and established artists in the gallery, too, by having a guest artist/group of artists each month displaying their works.

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