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Wilma Jennings

Splash Bowl Medium

Splash Bowl Medium

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Splash Bowl Medium by Wilma Jennings

22.5cm x 22.5cm x 13cm


As clay is my dominant medium, I feel my creative space sits constantly at a crossroads between functional form, home decoration and art. As an artist I'm drawn in all these directions. All my pieces are passionately designed, whether created for the joy of using a practical item, or uplifting because it's beautiful to look at. My ethos is this: we're drawn to colours and shapes that make our hearts sing.

Art and design in all forms has the power to 'wash off the daily dust of everyday life' as Picasso once said. 


My passion is from the Caribbean, and New Zealand. The colours, architecture and spirit of my birth island still influences my work, along with beautiful flora and fauna of my home country New Zealand. 


Having started my pottery life under the influence and teaching of well known potters such as Yvonne Rust and Len Castle, and lesser known Margaret Radford, I've always been mindful of quality, ensuring form, materials and finishes are fit for design and purpose. Every design has the question, why is this in clay medium and no other.

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