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Abbey Kayte



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Signed Print by Abbey Kayte.

Unframed A4

Unframed A3

OPEN EDITION - printed on 216gsm, acid free, environmentally responsible paper with a unique linen textured finish.

"It’s the finer things in life right? The details… well I am all about the finer details. I celebrate lines and texture as much as possible in my work and aim to create pieces that stand strongly on two levels. Initially you see the bigger picture, the entire piece, standing boldly, imbuing you with subtle , intriguing emotion but when you step closer, the eye is taken to a simpler level, drawing you in to discover the tiny, intricate details and textures of the hand crafted work. I love to work with natural fibres, plants, paper and leather, it connects me back to the land and my wairua.

The world is full of voices, people talking and trying to be heard. It can get so loud that sometimes we barely hear ourselves think. This is how I articulate, not with words but with imagery. I am telling a story and I want you to become part of it. 

 I have centred my focus on developing my own individual artistic style since 2016.

It was street art that first captured my attention & I began to develop my own artistic skills in paper cutting, initially working with paper & fabric, then leather and my own style of contemporary portraits began to emerge.

​I now work with several different medium and in 2020, completed a tertiary Diploma in Māori & Indigenous Arts from Te Wānanga O Aotearoa as part of my personal journey of reconnection to my Kāi Tahu whakapapa. I feel privileged to share my journey with others through my art and in doing so, deepen my connection to Aotearoa, its people & Te Ao Māori."



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