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Lester Hall

Picasso Tiki

Picasso Tiki

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Signed Print by Lester Hall
Unframed print
Giclee print on paper

Ngati Pakeha Tiki are a homage to being Pakeha in Aotearoa New Zealand. These artworks say that the Tiki is ubiquitous in all that we do, no matter where we are or what our values might be. They come from a line of artworks I was painting in the early 2000s. they are updated and printed but the longevity of the acceptance and love of them New Zealanders express speaks to a deep trust and joy. They say everything in the World now has a little of New Zealand in it and acknowledge that Tiki all have a little of every part of the World in them. While a play on the plastic Tiki of the Tourist trade, these artworks invite us to hold a special place in our home for our nations developing cultural identity. In ancient times the Tiki were fertility symbols and still today these artworks might be seen to represent the fertility of the ethnic mix here in Aotearoa. While often having humorous overtones or strong style themes the more specific and serous message is that we are all one.

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