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Paula Coulthard

Nocturnal original Painting

Nocturnal original Painting

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Original Painting by Paula Coulthard

Painting is on canvas with silver foil. Black frame with perspex 

135 x 96 x 4 cm

The background landscape is representative of NZ,  it could be anywhere in NZ but I did feature Mt. Taranaki as the background mountain.    Nocturnal is a celebration of the night in the spirit of a party or a jubilee. The hanging shapes and patterns represent homemade party decorations, made from what is around.  The stars are inspired by the stars on the NZ flag and the 8 pointed star shape is from the United Tribes Flag.  The diamonds are inspired by Māori patterns, one on the ground is woven from flax.  The foil represents old tinfoil milk bottle tops, flattened and hanging from string to catch the light.  

Nocturnal inspiration....  
I live in the country and sometimes go for night walks.
There is a lot of quiet and also a lot of noise if you really listen.
In moonlight the night seems to shine in monochrome.
When it is really dark all my senses are on high alert.
The sounds and scent of the night shimmer.

Nocturnal is a celebration of
The bright and sparkling night
The clear and shining night
The noise and quiet of the night.
A lot goes on in the dark hours.

"My processes are very tactile. I stone wash and age the canvas I am painting on to relax it and give it life. My landscapes are often suggestive but still very recognisable. Sometimes the paintings symbolise an event that exists in memories of the landscape, real or imagined."

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