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David Auld

Large Paua Lip Bowl

Large Paua Lip Bowl

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Large Bowl by David Auld

32 x 32 x 6cm

Hi, Dave Auld from Dunedin here, I've been working and experimenting with wood and resin for close to twenty five years. I love working with Swamp/Ancient Kauri.  Knowing that the wood in these bowls is so ancient that it was part of a living tree when mankind was in its infancy, leaves me in wonder.  To come up with the encapsulated raised resin lip technique took a lot of trial and error as there was all sorts of technicalities to overcome. But perfecting the marriage between the resin and the wood was definitely worth the effort.  All materials I use in my work are in themselves icons of New Zealand., and each has its own cultural heritage.  The wood used in the bowls is carbon dated 50.000 years old, Ancient Kauri from Dargaville.  The Greenstone is from Hokitika on the West Coast of the South Island, the Paua is from Kaikoura, the sliver of 24ct Gold which has been melted and rolled is from the Wakamarina River in Marlborough.  The Fern which is one of New Zealand's 150 Fern Species is from Bull Creek Otago.  The Wool is from my neighbour next door.  The Petrified Wood is dated 170 million years old from The Catlins Area in South Otago.  The semi-precious Gemstones are from Birdlings Flat in Canterbury.

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