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Peter Latham

King Of The Castle

King Of The Castle

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Limited Edition Photograph Print by Peter Latham

Location: Castle Hill Station, Arthurs Pass
Limited Edition: 125 signed & certified prints (all sizes & media)
Year of Release: 2017

Unframed Fine Art Print 220mm x 1000mm

A public walkway through these fascinating limestone rock formations at Castle Hill station offers infinite views of this geological wonder. I scouted this trail the day before & although it impressed, I sought an image to capture the whole grandeur & decided that this distant position offered the best vantage point of the entire rock field. With snow forecast that night, I stayed nearby & returned at dawn, in time to witness this spectacular scene unfold. As the sun rose, it dodged in & out of the clouds, which made it difficult to correct & join the 52 separate frames. But the result is this epic panorama which captures the magic.

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