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Lester Hall

Johnny Johnston

Johnny Johnston

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From Lester Hall’s new studio, Goblin Inks.

Signed Print by Lester Hall

A3 Print Framed 65cm x 55cm 

Irishman Johnny Johnston arrived on the shores of Kororareka, New Zealand in 1827 after serving a seven year stint in New South Wales at the pleasure of Her Majesty Queen Victoria.

After opening a grog shop on land he managed to acquire, Johnny's marketing genius saw him title his little pub The Duke of Marlborough hotel so as to leverage the eclat of the wealthiest man on the planet at the time. Having procured the young country's first official license to pedal spirituous liquors Johnny established New Zealnad's now longest running formal business entity. Johnny also built a good relationship with local Maori, learning te reo and helping to translate the Treaty of Waitangi which has become a landmark of New Zealand literature.

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