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Lee Gutterson

Hill top farm

Hill top farm

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Original Sculpture by Lee Gutterson
Totara post 
47 x 18 x 10cm

Being involved with the sea was inevitable for Lee Gutterson. Living across the road from the Pacific Ocean while growing up in Napier, New Zealand, gave him a unique perspective and appreciation of the ocean. With "fish" as his high school nickname, Lee's childhood involvement with the ocean proved to be a continuing interest as he went on to obtain a Bachelor of Science in Marine Biology and a Master's in Entomology. At Victoria University in Wellington, Lee made a living selling hand painted t-shirts (printed with real fish lathered with paint as stamps) and paintings.

Eventually he developed his own business in Christchurch making custom designed furniture and commissioned pieces. Specializing in vanities, tables and chairs, Lee matured his talent of working with wood and metal to create one-of-a-kind pieces for clients. He also began to delve into art and sculpture, exhibiting his unique work in galleries around Christchurch. During a stint in Southampton, Long Island, New York, Lee continued to hone his cabinet making skills working on the stately mansions of “The Hamptons”. After three years of intensive training and work for a joinery company Lee started his own business producing furniture, cabinets and sculpture, exhibiting his work in local East End galleries and doing commissions for clients. In September 2006 he moved back to Wellington, New Zealand with his family.

About Lee's Work: "My pieces are semi-realistic renditions in wood and steel. I specialize in creating fish and marine life sculptures and all of my work is original and one-of-a-kind. In addition to sculpture, I also design and create custom made furniture, including bathroom vanities for every size bathroom. I am happy to take a client's idea and make it happen; creating a piece of art or furniture that they will be happy to look at and use every day. My goal is to allow furniture to be as expressive as art work".


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