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Earrings wood - Matariki

Earrings wood - Matariki

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Revolution Aotearoa, created by visual artist and musician Wiremu Barriball, represents a range of authentic Māori design products deeply connected to New Zealand's natural tāonga.

Drawing inspiration from his Māori lineage and his work as a Tā Moko practitioner, Wiremu aesthetically blends nostalgic concepts into modern forms. With a career in the music industry spanning 30+ years, which includes the roll as the lead guitarist of the world-renowned band Katchafire, Its only natural that influences from his love and passion for music often show through in his art. Revolution Aotearoa is proudly created in NZ from a true creative talent.

These native Rimu wood earrings showcase a stylized depiction of "Ururangi", blending traditional Maori aesthetics with contemporary design. The result is something that feels both modern and deeply rooted in tradition, exuding authenticity and cultural significance.

Matariki star cluster. Ururangi is associated with the weather, the winds, the infinite sky - elements that hold a deep meaning for the Maori, tying the earth to the heavens.

Proudly made in Aotearoa, NZ. 

Measure: 35 mm Diameter x 2 mm
Material: Native Rimu Timber

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