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Lester Hall



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From Lester Hall’s new studio, Goblin Inks. 

A3 Print signed Print

I have often had to walk into life's storms when I would far rather just sit in a big chair, curtains drawn, eating pies and watching Shrek. But we need challenge, don't we, if we are to experience actually living - a wild sea is my favourite and I love sailing fast in a high wind, on a lonely sea in what is called an open loop of body memory and urgency in the moment. Life’s most perfect moments. Out there in a wild blow I have often felt more a seabird than human, wet and crashing through waves, flying along with nothing, absolutely nothing erroneous on my mind, just life in the very wild, very wet moment. Gannet's always strike me as being in that "open loop" as they commit to the dive and plummet like feathery missiles into the waves. This bird speaks to committing to the dive, making the choice, leaping into uncertainty. This artwork is to represent all of our decisions to lean in and take life on and I know that we have all had to take on challenges and this bird celebrates the spirit that might meet them in all of us.

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