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Rachel Walker

Kapiti Bloom

Kapiti Bloom

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This is a new piece for a Forest & Bird project that pairs writers with artists, and they work to create art and writing about different landscapes around New Zealand. Hayden Maskell and I were given ‘island sanctuaries‘ and chose Kapiti Island, as one of our oldest and most important predator-free sanctuaries. I’ve been on a daytrip there, and saw my first wild Kokako!

Limited edition print of 100. Giclee print on textured german cotton paper, flat packaged with card and cellophane, signed and numbered. 

45cm tall x 33cm wide

Rachel Walker (AKA Walkerillo) is renowned for watercolour, spray paint, pen and ink artworks that draw on her awe of the natural world. Her drippy, energetic style is both loose in form and precisely detailed — capturing the grace and beauty of birds, sea creatures, reptiles and wild animals. Born and raised in the beautiful seaside town of Napier, New Zealand, Rachel trained at Massey University in Wellington where, since travelling, she has returned to live and paint. Rachel’s creative work has seen her involved in a range of projects, from commissioned pieces to painting for film and stage sets. Her career to date has included a number of solo gallery exhibitions, creating cover art for magazines, school journals and albums, and a stint living and painting in rural France. Rachel has been commissioned to create concepts and images for Royal New Zealand Ballet promotional posters, wedding invitations, and even unique tattoo designs. When she works, Rachel likes listening to music, podcasts, and the dialogue from movies she has already seen.

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