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Vivian Keenan

Copper Birds

Copper Birds

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Copper Wall Art by Vivian Keenan

Copper Seabirds (Extra Small) 20 x 7cm (Top image)

Copper Gannets: small- 23cm x 11cm

Copper Gannets large - 37 x 14cm 

(Birds sold individually and patinas vary)

I am a New Zealand based artist creating contemporary, original art work from recycled copper, willow, rattan and harvesting materials from my immediate environment such as jasmine, harakeke and supplejack. I use basket making techniques to produce elegant interior and outdoor sculptural forms, lamps, hinaki, quivers, and sails.

Initially I produced utilitarian baskets from Palembang cane, I find a lot of satisfaction in producing items that are used by people on a daily basis. My interest in sculpture comes from that background - it's a natural extension of form and technique. 

Recycled copper - gorgeous colours and the opposing qualities of malleability and strength - has given a new direction and scope for my ideas, allowing for the construction of much larger scale works, indoor and outdoor pieces. My inspiration comes mainly from forms in the natural environment. Living mostly on Great Barrier Island, I feel the land and the sea have impacted significantly on my work. 

There is inspiration also in the everyday objects that are used by humans, e.g. hinaki,
seed fans, sails, a myriad of things. It is 'form'; wherever it is found that motivates me in my work. The texture within a piece and the spaces created in between the weaving are prime factors in each work.

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