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Cockle Shell Trio Waves Earrings

Cockle Shell Trio Waves Earrings

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Sterling silver based sleeper with beachcombed cockle shell from New Zealand beach.

Available in Silver
Shell length: approx 7-10mm (shells you receive will slightly vary from photos). Total dangle Height approx 40mm

There were countless of these sun-bleached dead cockle shells scattered along the shores here in the Bay of Islands. I just had to gather a handful.

I made a trio of them dangling from sterling silver based sleeper. Much like surf clams (such as cockles or tuangi and pipi) resiliently thrive in the surf zone, this pair symbolises the strength to endure life's challenges amidst its highs and lows... and of course it’s also a timeless reminder of sunny shores and joyful summers!

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