Anakiwa Awakening
Anakiwa Awakening
Peter Latham

Anakiwa Awakening

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Limited Edition Photograph Print by Peter Latham

Location: Anakiwa, Marborough Sounds
Limited Edition: 75 signed & certified prints (all sizes & media)
Year of Release: 2017

Unframed Fine Art Print 220mm x 1000mm

Anakiwa is tucked away in a quiet corner of the Marlborough Sounds, it's a stunning little place that I had wanted to capture for some time. On this trip, it was mid June & I reasoned that the clear skies & cooler winter temperatures, might generate some fog overnight? My prediction was correct & I arrived here at 8am, just as the rising sun was lighting the mist & striking some of the yachts’ masts. It really was a beautiful sight to behold.