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Peter Latham

A Day's Rest

A Day's Rest

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Limited Edition Photograph Print by Peter Latham

Location: Lake Alexandrina
Limited Edition: 15/25 limited edition certified print (all sizes & media)
Year of Release: 2020
unframed Fine Art Print Size: 1390mm x 695mm 

"Sometimes what you think is going to be the best composition, isn't always so. Such as this crisp spring morning at Lake Alexandrina. I initially sought a wide panorama & positioned myself further up the hill, gradually freezing as I waited for the sun to rise! Once it did, I captured several wide views & thought that was it. But as I walked past these dinghies, the early light was igniting the grasses & just kissing the boats, so I knew this was my best image - by far! This is the first of my pastel series, a timeless range which reminds me of scenes captured during the 50''s & 60's. Back when the pace was more leisurely & life a lot simpler."

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