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Catherine Roberts

A Blue Sky Day

A Blue Sky Day

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Original Painting by Catherine Roberts

100cm x 100cm x 7cm

Mixed medium on canvas, framed.

My work is the result of an intuitive dialogue, between artist and canvas, with no set intentions, but with a purpose to captivate the viewer to carry on the conversation. Driven to find balance, using colour, texture and contrast to form a harmonious rhythm, eventually creating intangible and obscure realms. Nothing about my work is perfect. It is a natural process, lead by a feeling of balance, resulting in an organic final piece. From the applied texture to the frames, all put together with the same hands... If my art were a couch, you’d feel comfortable about putting your feet up. Over the last two decades, the journey of my work has helped me find the confidence to dispel self-placed inhibitions, and ultimately find the absolute freedom to express the way I know best. I’m not confidently spoken in life, but it seems I found my voice through my work. Painting for nearly 20 years from my Wellington studio, and exhibiting in Galleries around New Zealand.

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