Collection: Tim Christie

The idea came about when I imagined the dynamic effect that might emerge from combining the precision of geometric abstraction with biological symmetry. I was curious to explore the juxtaposition between a very controlled technical aesthetic and facial features, with the inherent symmetry of the latter providing a shared language between these two worlds. Essentially I had a vision that looked pretty cool in my mind and despite being on holiday I was compelled to jump on to my Mac and start playing around with it.

What emerged initially was incredibly striking and I began crafting the explorations into finished pieces. MONOMOKO became the perfect name to represent this body of work combining the mostly ‘monochromatic’ colouring of the designs with the graphic symmetry of traditional Māori ‘moko’. The rhythm of the word also felt particularly fitting for the patterned feel of the artwork.

Many of his pieces have a quirky idea, or story to tell. Some are locally orientated and explore cultural themes. Others are just plain fun and a bit whimsical. All pieces are digitally produced.