Collection: Shann Whitaker

As a visual artist I am always looking at ways to portray and share my ideas through contemporary art. It all started at such an early age and at no stage did I ever think of doing anything else but paint, draw, design and create. Over time my career has taken many paths and this maybe due to living in so many different countries. I have enjoyed the freedom of meandering across the world and taking in the wonderful cultures and splendor that this world has to offer. I created a NZ inspired art and gifts company. I have created exhibitions in Denmark and artworks for businesses in London. I have painted murals in Greece and Australia. I designed and ran a New Zealand inspired art and design store and recently I owned a gallery and created artwork for hotels and resorts out of Vietnam. This experience and joy has lead me back to New Zealand and has inspired me to create my new series of work,exploring some of the themes and asking myself where I actually belong on this crazy planet.

My current work which I like to call ‘Creative Earth’ pulls in techniques, ideas and inspiration from the many places I have visited while having one foot always planted firmly in New Zealand. It is abstract art, textural and tactile, art with meaning, inspired by nature, all tied together with some worldly string.