Collection: Philippa Bentley

Philippa grew up with a large, rambling garden - fascinated by insects, damming ponds in the creek and building huts in the bush. Apparently it was where her parents could always find her- any time of day, any weather and, she says, "I  still retain that sense of wonder in the world."

Philippa has always lived close to the sea  and  now spends much time on the water, too, sailing.

It is not surprising that Philippa's artwork has been informed by these experiences and reflects the careful observation and love of the natural world, overlaid with a layer of contemplation. 

She has become increasingly concerned over the global impact of environmental issues and this has been reflected in the development of her work over the last few years. Sea charts have become her symbol of navigating our way forward, plotting a course through these troubled, uncharted waters.  

Philippa's  work  frequently references  natural history collections and archives, and contains an image within an image.

While primarily known as a painter and printmaker, Philippa incorporates a range of media and processes in her art practice.

"I am interested in the intersection of art, design, science and technology and the possibilities this brings."

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