Collection: Jay Lloyd

I qualified as an Industrial Designer in the late 80’s at the School of Art and Design of the Witwatersrand Technikon (Now the University of Johannesburg) in South Africa. I have been casting in various metals for at least 20 years starting with lead and tin alloys for the fishing product market and later pewter cutlery. I moved to casting aluminium and built up a manufacturing business making specialised decor and bathroom fittings. The business eventually employed eight permanent staff and I sold it before immigrating to New Zealand.

We moved from South Africa to Waiheke where I established my new studio and foundry in 2010. I now work mostly in bronze and do a variety of work from jewellery to sculpture. I regularly exhibit my work on Waiheke and various galleries throughout New Zealand. I take my inspiration from my immediate environment and like my work to have simple clean lines. I often combine bronze with other elements such as wood, stone or natural fibres.