Collection: Hollie O'Neill

Hollie is a contemporary artist living in Auckland, New Zealand.

Working with epoxy polymer on mirrored glass and other substrates, she creates engaging and immersive large and mid-scale circular paintings that celebrate the optical and emotional aspects of luminosity and colour.

With reference to Modernist Formalism and Minimalism, she conceptualises each piece through abstraction, employing and altering highly sensitive material while allowing it to act as a medium through which to channel light and observe its agency.

"Embracing a vibrant palette, my 'Solar Seduction’ series extends to the viewer a stimulative invitation – to engage with my vision of a limitless destination where light, colour, and space perform an exhilarative and endless dance.

I exhibit in solo, and group shows throughout New Zealand and have been selected as a finalist for New Zealand’s prestigious Parkin Drawing Prize and NZ Painting and Printmaking Award. My works are held in private and corporate collections across Australasia, North America, ChIna and Europe, including significant collections such as New Zealand’s ‘Wallace Art Trust Collection’.

Having lived in Bay of Islands, Waihi Beach, Wanaka, and Auckland, I'm inspired by New Zealand’s unique and captivating light and natural environment. My works are an exploration of the perceptual phenomenon of light and the potentialities of colour as pure sensation."