Collection: Anna Stichbury

Wellington based artist Anna Stichbury works across a range of media, specialising in contemporary paintings that feature vibrant, intense hues, rich textures, and gestural brushwork. The large scale of Stichbury’s semi-abstract compositions draws the viewer in while allowing the media its full range of expression returns the viewer to the physical surface, inviting and emphasising engagement with her true subjects: colour and texture.

Operating through a delicate balance of gesture and structure, Stichbury’s paintings are joyful, uplifting immersions into the natural world. Expressed through a palette of azure blues, velvety greens, brilliant golds, and areas of luminous resin, her abstract landscapes and seascapes offer gilded interplay of light and water, land and sky. Drawing elements from the physical world into her works, gold leaf has become a regular feature along with objects from nature such as black sand from our North Island beaches.

Having graduated with a Bachelor of Design from Wellington School of Design in 1996, Stichbury continues to live in Wellington, painting full-time from her home studio.

Stichbury has had numerous solo exhibitions throughout New Zealand and Australia, and her work is held in private and corporate collections in New Zealand, Australia, New York, France, and the United Kingdom.