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Paula Coulthard

Tuna Eel Prints

Tuna Eel Prints

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Limited Edition Print by Paula Coulthard

Tuna-Eels 2021 Series.  

70 x 50cm

During the 2021 lockdown I had time in my day to sit by the river and marvel at the mysterious Longfin Tuna that live in its dappled darkness.  

These creatures are endemic to New Zealand and endangered. They have an  interesting and unique life cycle.  

Longfin Tuna are elegantly beautiful but also have a primordial creepiness.  I have attempted to capture the essence of this dark beauty which is symbolic of  much of Aotearoa.  

I have created 12 Tuna designs using repetition of two geometric abstract  shapes. The colour and form were inspired by Bauhaus art.

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