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Manu Kincaid Edwin



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Limited edition digital print
Size A3 on 349gsm paper

In Maori Tradition, the Ruru was known as a watchful guardian. As a bird of the night, it was associated with the spirit world. Its high, piercing call signified bad news, such as a death, but the more common ‘Ruru’ call signalled good news.

Manu Kincaid Edwin born Timaru on the 14th day of August 1971, I am of Anglo Irish / Maori stock with a dash of Portuguese and Norman French. I have drawn and created from an early age, later exhibiting and selling works. Working as a tattooist for over 20 years in New Zealand and in Germany I also turn my hand to painting, writing, carving, sculpting and drawing among other things. For me the process of creating is a medium used to express ideas, feelings, thoughts and opinions I encounter on this journey named life. Always present is the desire to make something beautifully moving and meaningful. I hope you enjoy my work.

The birds in the series wear their own feathered Korowai, a symbol of leadership. In adorning these mantels of prestige and honour they invite us to care for our people and environment.

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