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Pitau a manaia kākāriki

Pitau a manaia kākāriki

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Box Frame Print from Image Vault 

Artist: River Jayden
Dimensions: 18.5cm x 14cm x 4cm
Black Box Frame

The fern frond of Manaia

River is a visual artist and graphic designer who specialises in digital design and painting from Ngāti Tahu - Ngāti Whaoa.  While her work is visually striking with intense colour, her work also speaks to the unique history of Māori culture.

River is a graduate of Bachelor of Arts from UC.  River’s research within art history looks at colonel and religious appropriation of Māori culture, with a particular focus into the appropriation of kōwhaiwhai patterns within Christianity, as a deliberate way to assimilate Māori.

“Research is fundamental to my painting practice, it inspires me to create works that spark debate, and the narrative is usually politically charged.”

River uses her digital art to prints that are inspired by Māori culture in particular kōwhaiwhai patterns.  Her unique flair for vibrant design makes her work highly sort after.  

River has exhibited both nationally and internationally.


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