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Peter Simpson

Tawa Tawa Leaves - Black

Tawa Tawa Leaves - Black

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3D Wooden Sculptures by Peter Simpson

Tawa Tawa Leaves with Rimu trim

Small: 85cm x 30cm x 5cm  excl. stem
Medium: 108cm x37cm x 2.5cm excl. stem
Large: 160cm x 55cm x 5cm excl. stem

From telecommunications and IT consultant in Canada, to wooden leaf maker in New Zealand Peter Simpson’s artistic journey has been diverse and enthralling. In 1990 Peter moved to New Zealand with his wife Sharon, and teenage sons David and Robb, to implement an IT engineering solution for Telecom. The project which was to last one year, resulted in the Simpsons choosing to make New Zealand their home. International and local travel became an extensive part of Peter’s consultancy role while in New Zealand.

To clear his mind, Peter spent his spare time building wooden models. Kit sets of classic ships were quickly discarded for detailed “scratch built” models. From turn of the century New Zealand whalers, and classic America’s Cup yachts to custom commissioned ships, Peter developed skills which saw the construction of near museum quality models. These cherished models have taken pride of place in corporate boardrooms to fireplace mantels in Australia, North America and New Zealand. In early 2010, Peter’s Canadian rural heritage seeded an interest to construct replica 1800’s farm wagons. This interest resulted in a change of direction to his model making. Peter decided to build a series of five vintage farm wagons ranging from the New Zealand Cobb and Co, stagecoach through to the traditional North American ice wagon. These models, constructed from original museum plans, using native New Zealand timbers, bring to life a bygone era. Peter has always integrated conventional craftsmanship taught by his grandfather, to modern technology and techniques such as CAD/CAM, CNC and laser.

An image of leaf skeletons began the next part of the journey. Always with the motto, I can build that, Peter decided to recreate the image in wood. After a year of development, Wooden Leaf Art – Phase III began. Both 2D and 3D leaves provide not only a unique art form, but an exclusive New Zealand design using native timber. Different leaf styles using different native timbers are under development. The leaves are individually made and can take from two to five weeks to build. As in nature, each leaf is slightly different and currently grace homes in New Zealand, North America and Europe.

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