Collection: Wayno

Wayno is an artist and designer, re-processing mass media cultural icons, into a new visual currency. Trained at Wellington School of Design, Wayno spent many years in the international graphic arts industry as a designer and art director. Inspired and stained by mass market propaganda, he saw visual opportunities in exploring alternative mash-ups following in the footsteps of Warhol, Frizzel, Fairey, Banksy, Denial (and a whole bunch more)… blending urban/street aesthetics with pop art stylings. Wayno refines doses of digital appropriation with old-school cut & paste, aerosel, stencil, brushwork and screenprinting, in attempts to combine artworks of grace and irreverence. His Queenie series has become very popular with local and international buyers with sales in London, Los Angeles, Sydney & Melbourne. Prints are signed, numbered, limited editions, digitally produced with premium quality, museum archival stock and inks. Artworks are available in a range of sizes. Paint on board and exclusive screen printed remixes will also be released. Wayno lives at the beach on the Eastcoast of New Zealand’s North Island where he runs a small design practice.