Collection: Sue Lund

Sue Lund has been addicted to art, painting and creating for most of her adult life. After globe trotting for a while, Sue attended an art school in Sydney, Australia between 1996-2000. There, she explored the possibilities of paint, abstraction and mixed media.

Further into her career, Sue joined the Master Class at Wellington art and creativity school, The Learning Connexion, hoping to evolve further her work as an artist. Sue had a great time pushing her artistic boundaries, exploring what paint and abstraction meant to her, which then lead her to the commissioned task of ‘completely wrapping’ the Learning Connexion complex with her signature brushwork (2006-2014)

Sue’s ‘larger than life’, vibrant, colourful explosions of expressive brush strokes are bringing Sue increasing exposure. Creating surreal sculptures from found objects, painting quirky mannequins (that sometimes pop up around Wellington City), and work on a massive mural adorning The Learning Connexion’s campus show that Sue is living the artist’s dream.

Sue is constantly on the look out for unusual ways to apply paint. Her life-sized 3D mannequins express a real sense of vitality and humour. On the campus of The Learning Connexion, students may discover a hand sticking out of a drainpipe or even legs poking out of the ground. The mural she has been painting bursts across six buildings, the forms and patterns ever changing and always inspiring

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