Collection: Nostalgem

If you love our beautiful natural world, then welcome to the world of Nostalgem! My name is Rina Ward and I am the creator of Nostalgem jewellery. I have enjoyed living in the big cities of Manila, Hongkong - Auckland. But in 2016 my family and I traded the busy city life for the more laid back rural living of the Bay of Islands, New Zealand. The home of 144 stunning islands. Pristine beaches. Charming historic towns… And our skies are one of the bluest in the world! Living closer to nature, I started foraging for little bits of local flora and fauna around my lush surrounding.

Like the native seashells and stones beachcombed after my paddle surf. Or the abundant variety of native plants & wildflowers growing everywhere. It’s very much like going on a treasure hunt. These organic jewels became the centre pieces of my designs. My jewellery will resonate to people who are passionate about our natural world. They evoke many things to them. Perhaps they tell a story about their heritage, personal character or beliefs. They may even remind them of a nostalgic memory. Hence the name NOSTAL + GEM (Nostalgic gem).