Collection: Cathy Hansby


The Hansby Design art collection began from my home in Auckland, New Zealand in 2015. 

Like many Kiwi's growing up in New Zealand, I had native bush on my back doorstep, so my childhood playground was my connection with nature.  Then, as a Mum of young children, I went on a journey of re-discovery, exploring the unique species that exist in New Zealand, and throughout Australasia.   

It's easy to forget I live on an island at the bottom of the world, islands that have been isolated for centuries.  New Zealand is part of Zealandia, a continent that separated from the Gondwana land mass over 60 million years ago. 

When humans arrived in New Zealand 800 years ago, it was a 'land of birds', from the giant Moa to the vast Haast eagle.  With no land predators, the wildlife adapted and evolved in some unique ways.   However that all changed, with the arrival of introduced land predators. 

Discovering my local history has inspired me to research unique species all over the world.   Featuring the animals that define our regions, and remind us of our place in the world.

Thanks for visiting, I hope you find something special.