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Hayley Hamilton

The Secret Girl

The Secret Girl

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Original acrylic painting on board 

80 x 80 x 4cm

From the Latin word secretus- meaning withdrawn, hidden, concealed, or private

Hayley considers herself a painter and an illustrator who enjoys telling visual stories through her art. After the practical restraints of using clay artistically for so many years she loves the freedom of painting. To paint has been her true calling and an essential part of her creativity. Hayley's work strives for a connection with the viewer. To tell a relatable story is the intrinsic goal. Inspiration comes from life experiences, relationships and being consciously child like, trying to see without any knowing is her goal, recording interactions that will later be scribbled into her sketchbook. Being a naturally curious person and delving into other worlds through books, films and conversations, ideas emerge that she then works on to become a painting.

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