Salt Rising
Serena Buonaguidi-Haynes

Salt Rising

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Original painting by Serena Buonaguidi-Haynes

155cm x 95 cm 
Mixed media and oil on canvas

My paintings are unashamedly whimsical and dream like.

My modern mermaid is a restless siren called to land by the skylark’s prolonged song. Dressed in an orange swimsuit, the colour of warmth and confidence.

The birds depicted are fairy terns, dippers, and a fluttering king fisher, the bringer of good fortune hence the gold ties on the mermaids wrist .The jellyfish signify acceptance, the koi fish perseverance and courage and the sea horse are considered a good luck charm, a knight in shining armour!

 Every painting includes humming birds, the bringers of luck and a sign of love.


Serena was born in London 1968 to Danish/Italian parents. She studied painting and Sculpture at Epsom Art College, where she started casting faces and taught herself basic prosthetics. Going on to become a successful makeup artist, working in advertising.

Serena began painting again fifteen years ago, from her mother’s studio in Chelsea where she established a loyal clientele.
Painting with the canvases flat on the floor she uses bold brush strokes for the backgrounds and finger painting for the figures, using wire to scratch in the finer detail.

Serena moved to New Zealand over 14 years ago and settled in Nelson.
Her inspiration to paint deer came from moving from Auckland City to an amazing lifestyle block out of Nelson. Being surrounded by wildlife, Serena became intrigued by how deer are commonly portrayed in mythology as supernatural animals, and fairy cattle, messengers from another world. Loving the idea that her paintings embrace the mythical aesthetic, appearing ethereal and dream like.

 “The type of birds I paint are chosen for their unusual characteristics and I try to encapsulate that within the painting. I tried to create lyrical movement with the paint.”

“For my figure work I try to capture a fragility and sense of peacefulness, although they are solitary they are not alone, the birds are their protectors."

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