Queen Of The Fern II
Queen Of The Fern II
Lester Hall

Queen Of The Fern II

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Signed Print by Lester Hall
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Giclee print on paper

I originally created this work for a big outfitting commission for the Duke of Marlborough Hotel in Russell, in the Bay of Islands, not for general sale but I found her mesmerizing and believe I am not alone in having a growing respect for who she has been. While finishing this adaption of a Dorothy Wilding/ Beatrice Johnson hand coloured photo of Queen Elizabeth II in the early 1950's I just could not stop looking at her and thinking about the 70 and more years of service she has stood to… The gorgeous retro style seems to be a real door to another time and makes me very aware of so much having passed in my life as it originates from about the year I was born and she was already the reigning monarch. She seems a great relief from the Trumpian politics of this present day having started way back with Truman. I am sure when she leaves we will be struck that we have lost someone very very special, a powerful part of the fabric that binds us… I choose celebrate her now, while she is alive.