Peppermint, Gum and Cineria

Peppermint, Gum and Cineria

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Eco-Printed Silk Scarf
Merino Scarf
145 x 28cm

NUKU Textiles The Eco Dyer: My background is in nursing but always held a dream to be a full time artist. After discovering the work of India Flint, I took a giant leap of faith and left a career in palliative care to follow this creative journey in eco dyeing. So, from dying to dyeing... If there's one thing the dying have taught me, it's that life is not a dress rehearsal. Each step in the process of eco dyeing is soulful, from foraging for plants through to unbundling the finished work. I embrace the serendipity of working with natural resources, the results are always wonderful.

One of a Kind Scarves: Each scarf is individually and lovingly hand dyed using leaves, flowers, bark or seeds on ethically sourced natural fibres - silk, wool and linen. The result is a luscious, shimmering and original art piece to be treasured forever.

Like wearing a forest on your body Nuku means earth, referring to Papatūānuku. She is, in Te Ao Māori, the earth mother. All things are born from her and nurtured by her. The imprints and colours of plants infused in natural fibres are gifts from Papatūānuku that bring their own Mauri, or life force, to the work. They leave a unique story about its history, spirituality and connectedness to the world.