Medium Toki Pounamu Pendant
John Kerwin

Medium Toki Pounamu Pendant

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Medium Toki - New Zealand Pounamu

Pendant 35 x 70mm
Artist: John Kerwin
Adjustable Cord

John lives and works Pounamu-jade (when not busy whitebaiting) on the West Coast between the New and Taramakau rivers, both known for producing many tons of beautiful greenstone over the years.

John has been working with stone for several years and has come to appreciate jade-
greenstone in a whole new way. Using our unique New Zealand Pounamu gives plenty of variety as it comes in so many colours and combinations of colours.

Repeating traditional forms has led John to create new designs, which bring out the integral beauty of the stone, proving it is relevant for fashion and art in modern New Zealand.

The Toki is the Maori tribal symbol of strength. Its shape represents an axe head. This carving tool based symbol resembles determination, control, strength and honour. It was traditionally carved in stone or greenstone and was passed down as an heirloom.