Light - Pohutukawa
John Allen

Light - Pohutukawa

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Original Vignette by John Allen

30cm x 30cm

The idea for the vignettes came from a card I made for my Mum. It was a birthday card a couple of years ago, two thin half-round pieces of pohutukawa book matched and mounted on a card. She passed away earlier this year so I wanted to frame the card - and came up with the current idea of the wood mounted on reflection-free glass so that the pieces seemed to float. 

I added colour to the reverse on later vignettes, to reflect off the wall, to try to very subtly enhance the feeling of floating. 

The word “vignette” for me encapsulates a feeling  of a-slice-of-life, a moment in time, a snap-shot, a memory ... for me my loving Mum and her encouragement to me to follow my passion for wood and expressing myself.