Ka Kauawhi
Ka Kauawhi
Tracey-Lea Morgan

Ka Kauawhi

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Hand Glittered Limited Edition Prints

Edition of 25

Unframed A3 $230
Unframed A2 $280 

Framed A2 in a plain white frame - no matte board $450

Inspired by the work of Gustav Klimt and New Zealand glitter artist Reuben Patterson. This series of paintings was completed in 2016 with limited edition prints now available at ORA Gallery.

I have always enjoyed being creative. At school the only subjects I excelled at were creative writing and art. I never studied art when I left school because it wasn't "practical" and wouldn't get me a job.. I've never been far removed from creativity though. I've tried my hand at a multitude of crafts but always tip-toed around the edges of painting because I felt I didn't have a 'natural talent'.

As an adult however I felt that I had to try to work hard and develop a skill. I spent two years from the age of 36 painting at home, after working long hours in a new job. It was almost a painful experience, I couldn't even paint in front of my daughters, I was so anxious about what I was doing and how it would look! The first painting I was pleased with was such a breakthrough. I felt such a buzz and learnt so much from that time shut away at home. The thrill of success far outweighed the previous pain of defeat. And so I kept going.

For 9 years I worked full time at Weta Workshop in Wellington, a film effects company known mostly for it's work on Lord of the Rings.. My role there was always administrative, the last position I held was managing the design pipeline for The Hobbit. Here I was working in arguably one of the most creative companies in the world ... but it left me little spare time or energy to pursue my own artistic dreams. So I left in 2012 to work in a less demanding job that would allow me also to undertake a Level 6 Honors Diploma in Art and Creativity. December 2014, I have completed that now and had my first solo exhibition in May 2016 - it was called Kia Ora Klimt.