Ghost Who Walked - Framed
Ghost Who Walked - Framed
Lester Hall

Ghost Who Walked - Framed

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Signed & Framed Print by Lester Hall
A1 Framed in light wood frame
Giclee print on paper

1060mm x 860mm

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I read the Phantom most days of my childhood in the Dominion newspaper in Wellington. The character has always stayed with me and I have chatted often about my early wondering about why he is 'a thing' in New Zealand art with many artists referencing him. Fact is I love the childlike simple celebration of such pulp and pop art icons. Touch footy and backyard cricket. These works are fun for me, I present them to the very best style I can but am not going to say, hey, this is high brow, philosophical art. They are celebrations of national pastimes, games, competition and the wonderful places we find ourselves playing them.