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Peter Latham

Cool Classics

Cool Classics

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Limited Edition Photograph Print by Peter Latham

Location: Burkes Pass, Mc Kenzie Country
Limited Edition: 75 signed & certified prints (all sizes & media)
Year of Release: 2017

 Unframed Fine Art Print 600mm x 800mm

With the 'big snow' falling in July 2017, I dropped what I was doing & flew south, eager to catch it in time. After what was a painfully slow trip to Tekapo with snow chains, I turned around & headed back the same way I’d come. But by now, the snow had eased & revealed this vintage view at Burkes Pass. With the right amount of snow, it was the icing on the cake to a scene I had admired before, but felt too contrived. Now, it all looked like a Hollywood film set! And as I was framing this scene, the two chickens walked into view. Cool classics indeed!

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