Baby Paua Shell Hoop Earrings

Baby Paua Shell Hoop Earrings

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EARRING HOOP: 20mm diameter, gold plated C hoops. SHELL SIZE: Approx 20mm. There will be slight size, shape and colour variations due to its natural elements.

Real baby paua shells in C shaped hooks. Outer shell is covered with hand-sculpted clay. Infused with speckles of Bay of Islands beach sand and gold flakes. Resembles natural turquoise stone that complement the colour of paua and the sea.

New Zealand Paua (haliotis iris) is a unique species of lustrous shellfish found only in New Zealand. Ethically and sustainably handpicked and handmade in New Zealand. Unlike other paua shell jewellery, we intentionally chosen sun-bleached shells with subtle lustre.

Whether it’s something you treasure yourself or a gift for someone, this delicate real baby paua jewel piece is a symbolic expression of the well known quote from Alladin…

“Do not be fooled by its commonplace appearance. Like so many things, it is not what is outside, but what is inside that counts.”

Rough on the outside and lustrous on the inside. A reminder to shine your light from the inside out.